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Brittany is a self-proclaimed bookworm and excessive rambler. She is shameless in her love of the written word. No matter where she is, most of the time you can find at least one book in her purse. She is an aspiring author and hopes to one day to break into the publishing world. Her all-time favorite author is Leigh Bardugo, and she will read and buy anything and everything that she writes. She is the host of the Twitter feature #BBTC, Queen Book Pusher, Major General of the Tsar's Guard, and has been known to spontaneously turn into a pirate. 

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Nikki (on hiatus)

Now a NYC middle schooler, Nikki has been an avid reader and writer from a young age. Never able to stop talking or moving, her blog posts are an outlet for her to easily vent. While she has far too many to list, her absolute favorite series is the Grisha Trilogy. She loves spending time at her second home—Disney World—but at the end of a long day, you can always find her curled up with a book in her hands.

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Blog Manager & Editor

Julie works in a law firm by day and does behind-the-scenes blog work by night, handling everything from requesting advanced readers copies, arranging blog tours, brainstorming post ideas, as well as editing and formatting posts. However being the oldest sister of the trio, Julie is burdened with the most difficult and tedious job of all--keeping her two lovely co-bloggers from killing one another.

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