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Monday, August 19, 2013

Haze (Rephaim 2) by Paula Weston

Format: Paperback, 417 pages.
Publisher: Text Publishing Company 
Expected Publication (for the USA & Canada): *September, 9 2014*
"But what if we can’t find Jude?" 

He leans closer. His breath is warm on my ear. "We will."
"How can you be so sure?" I want to believe him so badly, but this is Rafa. The guy who’s all action and no plan. His smile is tired, knowing. An echo of a shared past I don’t remember. 

"Because I’m not smart enough to give up, and you don’t know how to." 

Gaby Winters’ nightmares have stopped but she still can’t remember her old life. Still can’t quite believe she is one of the Rephaim—the wingless half-angels who can shift from place to place, country to country, in the blink of an eye. That she was once the Rephaim’s best fighter. That demons exist. That Rafa has stayed.

But most of all, she can’t quite believe that her twin brother, Jude, might be alive.

And Gaby can’t explain the hesitancy that sidetracks the search for him, infuriates Rafa, and sends them, again, into the darkest danger

After reading Shadows I was dying to get my hands on Haze, and let me tell you, this book was awesome. It was kick-ass, it was sexy, and had an ending that made me want to scream "NO!" I can't say that I loved this book as much as the first, but it was pretty close. The main difference between the first and the sequel is that the first one is more comedic while this book takes a more serious turn. I can't believe I have to wait a whole year to get my hands on the next one..

1) This is a big compliment from me. There a lot of characters in this book, and somehow Paula Weston makes them all work well together. I didn't feel overwhelmed, I felt like I knew each and every one of them. I'm in awe of who Weston managed this because as many of you know, I usually say that author's need to cut out a lot of their characters.

2) The heat in this book is intense. From the action scenes to the romance scenes..Weston's style of writing and plot of this series is just plain sexy. As I said in the review of the previous novel, it's not over done in the porno/romance novel way. It's just the perfect amount. Logically, any book that involves hot guys kicking ass, it should be sexy. Trust me, I've read a lot of books, and it's sounds like such a simple thing to execute. It isn't. Weston does it with flare.

3) I said earlier that this book takes a more serious turn than the first. Although I miss a lot of the comedy from the first novel, Haze's serious tone really rounds out the main characters and the plot as a whole. It's a necessary change because in a world with Hell on Earth, it's not supposed to be comedic. Don't be to disappointed though, there are still plenty of things that made me laugh, just not nonstop.

4) I liked this about the first book and I continued to like it in this one, these fallen angels are not all saints. Even the Rephaite that are not part of the Outsiders are not completely righteous and I love that. It makes these half-angels more relatable.

5) This book keeps up with the fast-pace of the first, picking right up where the first book ended. It doesn't skip a beat. The quiet moments don't last long in this action novel.

1) This book ends the same way the first did. At an awkward place. It just kind of drops off. I'll admit that it was in a better place than the first book ended. I said there was a point at the end where it had me screaming "NO!",  I would have ended it there. It would give the readers the same amount of closure as her ending but its tone would match the rest of the book.

2) I was really annoyed by Rusty and Mick's gang. They were really annoying and I felt that the author should have used more important people to the plot for me to feel bad for. I was really just rooting for them and all their people to be slaughtered.

3) There were a couple of scenes between Rafa and Gaby where Weston tries to make them go on normal dating experiences. This isn't them, and for me it doesn't work. They are not that kind of a couple. They are the type to go out on a killing spree and feel more connected than holding hands in some garden.

4) The smell description of each bar the characters went into. I get it, everything smells like stale beer, sweat, smoke, and regret. How many times did this need to be repeated?

Rafa glances at me as we walk. His hair looks fairer out here in the sunlight. Right now I'd like to run my fingers through it, get a good handful, and smack his head into the brick wall we're passing.
"Do you want me to stop?" His hair is damp on his forehead.


He leans forward until his face is only centimeters from mine. I don't move back. The last few days recede. The only history between us, the one he won't tell me about, melts away under the warm sun. And then Rafa kisses me, not with urgency of our last encounter, but softly, thoughtfully. He tastes like oranges, His hands stay on my ankle restrained. The kiss deepens. I slide my palm up his thigh. He stops me and pulls back. "You're killing me, you know that?"

"Do you want me to stop?" I mean to sound playful but it comes out breathless.



  1. I really want to read this series.. when is the third book coming out? :D

  2. "The smell description of each bar the characters went into. I get it, everything smells like stale beer, sweat, smoke, and regret. How many times did this need to be repeated?"


  3. I'm having problems getting on NetGalley. Something about their certificate being expired? Did you buy this one, or is it available on NetGalley?

    1. No, I had to buy this one. I saw the same message for Netgalley, you just have to click the button that says "continue anyway" or something like that.