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Monday, January 14, 2013


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  1. Hello!
    My tumblr is our-pyrrhic-victories (if you contact me for any reason, please use the ask box on my tumblr :))
    Alex or Julian:
    Honestly, I am on a tie here. As of Pandemonium, I'd say Alex only because he was Lena's first love, and I don't know, maybe I am a romantic but I think that first loves are always strongest and linger the longest. I saw some people talking online about Requiem and saying that he has changed dramatically since Delirium, and so I may just have to read it to find out...
    Anyway, I am still quite fond of Julian and would truly be happy with whoever she choose :)

  2. Hey there! Thanks so much for having this contest!! I've got my fingers crossed. I've entered so many giveaways for this book and haven't won, sadly.

    My Tumblr: noahthehealer

    I prefer Julian. Here’s why.

    When I read Delirium, I was totally all for Alex just like everyone else. I thought Alex was adorable, and I cried when he “died”. Going into Pandemonium, I just wanted Alex to come back. Really badly. When Julian was introduced, I was like, “Oh, hell no. Who is this guy?”. But as I continued reading, I sort of fell in love with Julian’s character. And the more I thought about it, the more I realized Julian/Lena makes a lot more sense than Alex/Lena. It took me awhile to come to that conclusion, but now I am unwavering in my preference for Julian. Here are my reasons why I think Lena should remain with Julian…

    1)A common complaint among fans is that Lena moved on from Alex too quickly. But, that’s not entirely true. There were at least a good six months that passed between the last pages of Delirium and Lena in Pandemonium. They go through different seasons and everything.

    2)While I do love Alex a lot, I felt like I didn’t really, truly know him. For the short amount of time that we are exposed to Julian, I felt like I really got to know him as a character. He developed well. He was interested in Lena’s story too. He is just a genuinely caring, curious guy, and I love that about him. With Alex, there wasn’t much to learn about him. He didn’t progress much.

    3)As the son of a big member of the DFA, Julian didn’t know any better than what he was taught and raised to believe. I thought it was a nice change for the female to have the influence on the guy. I thought it was amazing that Julian was even able to change his mind considering his upbringing. That says a lot about him as a person. He was able to trust Lena and give her a chance to prove who she is. He didn’t hate her.

    4)Lauren Oliver does mention that there will be no love triangle in the 3rd book. I mean, unless Lena is just a horrible person and leaves Julian for Alex on the spot, I think she is content with Julian. Oliver also mentioned how Alex is in a dark place right now. I think he probably needs time to become the person he used to be again.

    5)In Pandemonium, after Lena and Julian escape the sewers, they go to that house. And I remember how Lena was thinking how she felt so comfortable talking with Julian. Even more so than she did with Alex. I don’t have the book with me, but I know for sure that she thinks this. It’s in there. And feeling comfortable with a person is definitely as sign of a good relationship. I’m not saying Lena wasn’t comfortable with Alex, but he had his tendencies to be unpredictable. I think Lena and Julian’s comfort in one another is really a contributing factor in their relationship growth. And you can sense this, I think.

    6)When Alex was shot, Lena kept running, knowing he could die at any moment. I don’t blame Lena. She did exactly what Alex told her. But, she never goes back, looking for him. She never makes sure that he is dead. She accepts it without confirmation. But later in Pandemonium, when Julian is brought to be executed, Lena is certain she has to save him.

    7)When Lena finds out that everything was a set up with her and Julian, she is genuinely angry. She actually really cares about Julian and wonders how Tack and Raven could do that to them. She doesn’t want to leave without knowing Julian is okay. And Raven even says something along the lines of, “You really like this boy, don’t you?” I think if Lena had not voiced her concern for Julian so strongly, Raven wouldn’t have been compelled to help save him.

    8)Yes, the idea of being with your first love is appealing and romantic, but it’s not actually all that realistic. So, saying that Alex was Lena’s first love and so therefore they belong together isn’t sensible.

  3. Aaaa-loha! :) and I follow your blogger as per insta-ruc-tion.
    I choose Alex. Why? Ba-cause what the heck was that with Julian. She's not in love with Julian. She's sorta got that Stolkholm Syndrome type of thing with him. And really, Julian? Who knows what he could be playing at? And he has that brain tumour thing, he could drop dead at any moment(as far as I can remember of book 2).
    And Alex! I mean, HE'S ALEX!!ALex who did EVERYTHING he could for her. Who wouldn't love him? He's more the leader than the follower, unlike Julian who seems like he's more the follower that the leader. And Lena needs someone like Alex, who will be stronger for her.
    And I don't really know who's gonna win her heart, that is, if she's even gonna choose. But then that's kind of a shame and besides the point of a love triangle. And Sad.
    The type of person Lena is, she needs someone like Alex, who will help her move forward and push her. Not the other way around.
    And besides, I don't like Julian. That's reason enough.

  4. Oh! I am so happy you're having a giveaway!! Hehee a few days ago I was actually googling Requiem giveaways:) SO I really hope I can still be considered for this giveaway even though I don't have a tumblr (I'm already way addicted to Pinterest and a billion blogs so I told myself I wouldn't create a tumblr b/c then I wouldn't have another addiction... makes sense, right?)

    Anyways, I've been kind of torn between the two guys and I keep changing my mind on who I think Lena should be with. However, I've always been slightly more biased towards Alex. A main reason is because in the first book, Alex chose her from among all the girls in the city and the wilds but Julian only "fell in love" with Lena b/c she was the one he was locked in a room with. It was the plan for him to like her and it just turned out that she liked him back. It could have been any girl in there. I would probably like a guy too if I were locked in a room with him... no matter who the guy was! That said, I do really like Julian and his character and would feel terrible if Lena left him buuuut what can he expect!? He knew Lena had loved someone else so since Alex showed up, Julian can't be too offended, right? Well, I have to give props to Lauren Oliver for creating a really compelling love triangle.
    Tessa Lynn

    1. I'm sorry but you need a tumblr account to enter in this giveaway. It's not fair to everyone else who followed all of the requirements if I allow this exception.



    So, I would love for Lena to pick Alex, well, because Julian sucks. Alex loved her for so long and found her afterwards even after suffering so much, which means he still loves her. And then Julian just comes along and afkjdakl;jsdaklfj like LOVE ME FOREVERRRRR.
    And I just hate him with a burning passion.
    I know you don't have to pick me, but if you do, it would mean the world.

    1. My tumblr is @ohyesitsliana, btw. I have followed you on GFC.

  6. I would so like to enter, but unfortunately, I don't have a tumblr or know how to join or follow or anything like that, and even if I did know, there's no way my parent's would let me.

    1. Tumblr is a free site and it is really easy to sign up. I don't think you need your parents permission either unless you're under 12 years old.

  7. Oh my gosh, I can't believe you're giving this away! Right well, I think she should be with Alex. She's been with him not only from the start of the first book, but also he's served as a sort of link between her rebelling against the government and choosing love. HE is what she chose. Despite losing everything else, it doesn't matter to her because she has him. They chose each other. I know that while he's gone, she can't fall for someone else, right?

    Also I think I'm slightly in love with Alex (He is gorgeous :D)

  8. HI.
    FIRST...thanks for doing the giveaway:D you rock!
    second...i'm from more THANKS!

    my tumblr is

    ....JULIAN! She sould pick julian!!!!
    I do'nt hate Alex, i think he was a GREAT character in Delirium but....he was like the first boyfriend everybody wants...the one who is romantic...handsome...loyal...everyboday wants that kind of relationship...the kind of PERFECT relationship...and even if i liked it in delirium...and i got really sad at the end of the book, at the end i understand that it was like a something not like a perfect is not that, one of the things i love the most in this LO books is that she doesn't but the love as the PERFECT something that makes you act wrong sometimes...but it also is something we need to live. ALEX AND LENA relationship was too perfect for me to completly like it.

    In Pandemonium.....God bless Lauren Oliver, and the day she decided to write JULIAN!....

    a). CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT: Julian develops soooo much in P, like Lena did in D, they really realized how wrong their goverment is. Alex in other way doesn't develop...we know the idea lena has of him not him as a character...with Julian is understand him, and how he thinks, why he thinks that way...and at the end of P he is a different person because he grew up... not just because he likes Lena. THAT IS DEVELOP! OH YHEAA SIR. :D

    b)RELATIONSHIP DEVELOPMENT: okey it was too obvious that Lena was going to fell in love with alex in D, i mean...we all saw it comming....with julian i had my doubts...i really thought Lena will never get over alex...but it was not like "OH JULIAN, HE IS HOT...he is gentl...alex is deaad..yhea lets make this happen" was a process...they really get to know each other before they actually did something romantic, the circumstances forced them to act survive..and that kind of alliance is TOO STRONG!...with alex she already was his girlfriend and then after that they start knowing each other...and sorry but i don't approve that. If lena has to fight against her goverment i think julian is the one she can make a best TEAM.

    c) And i think this is the most important "WHY", Lena is NOT the girl Alex fell in love with in is true...she is not the girl that needed a hero to save her...and thanks to what Lauren had said about requiem...ALEX is not the boy Lena fell in love with anymore....they changed. I think the fandome have to FACE THAT. THEY ARE NOT THE SAME PEOPLE THEY WERE IN DELIRIUM.


    but the whole thing can be summarized with this.....ALEX/LENA was cute...BUT LENA/JULIAN IS REAL!
    And as a 20 years old girl i have to say i prefer something real than something cutie and whole romentic-he-reads-me-poetry!

    but heeey i want to know who is your pick? :D

    well.. have a nice day:D and once again THANKS!

    1. I'm an Alex fan all the way =) but that does not influence the giveaway because the winner will be picked randomly.

  9. My tumblr Name:

    In my opinion, LENA NEEDS TO BE WITH ALEX. They absolutely phenominally, completely belong with each other. Julian's cute, yeah but Alex, man, Alex. He blew my mind. When Lauren Oliver created this boy, she created this fantastic YA romantic character and possibly the best one yet. I am in no was exaggerating when I say that I fell in love with Alex. I love the idea of him with Lena, and everything about them; their innocence in love, their purity amongst corruption, and just their overall relationship made me MELT. Like frosty the snowman.
    I love how Alex gave Lena insight on the truth, and allowed her to open her heart. I also love how he brought out the best in her- the part of her that was fearless, brave, open-minded and loving. (Of course, it doesn't hurt that in my mind he is adorkably hot.)
    He has this vulnerability about him that is so perfect with Lena's character, and I could literally go on for days talking about why I love them so.
    Why Alex totally beats the pants off Julian:
    Julia's fine. Julian is good. Julian is cute. Julian is nice. But JULIAN IS NO ALEX. I feel like the love that Lena has withi Julian is not only a rebound, but a recycled one. She taught Julian things that was new to him, yes. But these things were all showed to Lena by Alex. There was no real enchantment anymore, as a reader when we learned about all of this because we had already discovered it all, with ALEX. It's like going to New York for the first time with your boyfriend, and it's totally amazing. Broadway, pizzarias, romantic walks in central's just one recipe for romance and firsts. And then you go again with your second boyfriend and you've been there, done that. Everything about Lena and Julian is just kind of...well, a repeat.
    And maybe it's just me, but I'm old-fashioned in that way where boys kind of take charge. Alex protects Lena, shows her things she's never seen, and opens her to a new world. Lena kind of protects Julian, which is not so chivalrous and fun to read.

    Don't get me wrong, I also love Julian and Lena, but for me, first place must go to....ALEX. ALEX AND LENA. <3
    Happy reading, my friends.

    Thanks for doing the giveaway, you lucky person who got your hands on not one but two copies of reqiuem!

    1. You're welcome =) Yes, I have been very fortunate this year so far. There is no way I would have given away my own copy haha.

  10. I am all about Lena and Alex all the way! He was the one who taught her what is love and how to love. If it was not for him she would of been stuck in a loveless life.

    My tumblr:

    p.s how do you follow you on blogger? Cant find the button.

    1. You have to have a blogger account. Then on the homepage under your reading list you click "Add" then you put in my blog's URL.

  11. Lena and Alex, definitely! I know this is a generic answer, but it is of the utmost truth: Alex was the one who taught Lena how to love and taught her the things you should risk your life for. In a way, the person she is today (as of Pandemonium) is because of Alex.

    As for Julian and Lena, I don't support them. I think Lena was desperate to forget about Alex so she chose a way with Julian. And for Julian, he's never been around any girl his own age - how would he know how love felt like? How can he be sure? That's why, for me, I feel that the only reason that Julian fell in love with Lena is because she unconsciously brainwashed (okay, that word has a bad connotation ... Let's say "changed his ideals" instead) him.

    I hope my answer sounds badass. :)

    My tumblr: midnightskies98

  12. My tumblr name:

    Personally, I am completely torn between both Alex and Julian. For one, Lena did fall in love with Alex first, and the power and strength and passion of someone's first love is so strong and so pure that I think they will last to the end, no matter how hard Lena tries to convince herself otherwise. ON THE OTHER HAND, we have Julian. If she really loved Alex, she would've never fallen in love with Julian in the first place (but this makes things tricky when she believes Alex is dead and she should let go, but it turns out he isn't dead and she never had to let go in the first place). That's how I know that she truly does love Julian. They bonded with each and faced what they thought were life or death situations, and made it out together, alive. She went back to save Julian, and succeed. I truly love them both, honestly. At the end, however, the way Alex seems cruel and cold makes me wonder: is this still the same Alex that Lena fell in love with? Or has certain circumstances caused him to change from the boy she loved into someone completely different? Lena fell in love with him for who he is ( or was) and because he showed her how to love. If you told me I had to choose between Alex and Julian, I would go crazy trying to figure out the answer. There is really no logical answer-both these boys love and care for her and will do anything to be with her. So the only thing that decides how this ends is Lena's heart. But still, how can Lena choose between two boys- the one who taught her what love really is, and the one she showed how to love?

    I just want to say thank you so much for giving an ARC away! I think this is an amazing opportunity and good luck to everyone else!

  13. Tumblr name: TheCardsable
    I think I did the blogger thing right... hope so...

    I definitely want her to pick AAAAALLLLLLLEEEEEEEXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I will probably end up hating Requiem if she doesn't. That's what happened in Maze Runner with Teresa and I was so UPSET.
    Why I want her to choose Alex:
    He's the one who introduced her to love, to the idea of it. He was so sweet and described in Delirium as awesome. I didn't get that feeling with Julian. I feel like she just wanted someone to replace Alex when she got to the Wilds because she was devastated that he had died. And this is the analogy that makes sense to me: Julian is a kitten, Alex is a lion. Or a panther. Or a leopard. Either way, I just feel like Julian was this clueless little guy who latched onto her too quickly. I also think that if the guy who got me into the wilds in the first place came back when i thought he was dead, I would be like YESSS!!! I never liked Julian! I realize now i was just miserable and needed an escape! Bye Julian, hoope I never see you again!
    But I would be very happy if (sorry) Julian got like attacked and died or something. I'd be like FINALLY!
    And honestly, it's like this in every book. I am so stubborn... I cannot change. First come, first serve. Even in novels like the Host, I never even really like Ian.

    1. LOOOOL your response made me laugh so much :D So true, Alex is perfect <3

  14. HI! First of all thank you for the message and I am so glad I got a chance to be in this. :)

    While this may be a hard question for some of the fandom, I would 100% choose Alex if I were Lena. Through out Pandemonium I was so angry at her for letting Julian in so quickly, but after I reread Delirium I understood why she loved Julian. It is honestly (almost) the exact situation in reverse of Alex and Lena. Alex got to know Lena just as Lena was able to learn about Julian. Lena learned some of the concepts of Alex's past, but not the whole lot. In the beginning of Pandemonium Lena only tells Julian the past of the fake Lena, and she doesn't tell him the truth until further into the book. Alex understands Lena better than any other person in the world, just as Lena understands Julian better than any other person. I believe that the reason Lena feels the most comfortable around Julian is because she didn't have to change for him to love her, and she didn't have to grow to save him. I think she belongs with Alex because they have the opportunity as a couple to save each other. Alex saved Lena's life both before the fence and after. She was able to get stronger in the Wilds only because of Alex's faith in her, and without his love she wouldn't have survived the Wilds. She pushed herself to live because she knew that Alex would never have that chance again, and she lived by that and prayed that she would be with him again someday. Love like that just does not go away once another boy comes knocking. Julian is really good for Lena and I want him to be happy, but Alex and Lena are supposed to be together and their love is epic and triumphant. I would completely understand if Julian and Lena ended up together, but it wouldn't change the view in my head that when you are still in love with your first love, you cannot fully love another person. In order for that to happen one would have to give up their first love completely and I just couldn't see Lena giving Alex up after thinking he was dead for so long. Plus Alex taught her so much and without him she would be stuck on the other side of that fence, and Julian would be dead. Alex saved both of their lives and Lena would save his and has already saved Julian's. I truly believe Lena will be able to save Alex from whatever happened in the Crypts, because their love is stronger than that. I believe in the power of their love and that is why I believe Lena should choose Alex. <3 :)

    tumblr url:

  15. Tumblr name:

    ERR Hello! I don't really have charisma or a way with words so I think my best shot is to make this short and pray to all things great you'll pick me either cause you pity me or cause I have moxie and I am determined to get my greedy little fingers all over Requiem and have my heartbroken, and go through the stages of aftershock. (GREAT VIDEO THAT SHOWS THE STAGES OF AFTERSHOCK!)AHA anyways, I said I was going to keep this short but, I seem to be rambling and going on about non sequitur things.


    So, I could probably write a 12 million page textbook on who/why Lena should pick the person I believe she should be with, who just so happens to go by the name.... *druuuUUUumrooOOooll* ALEX! Okay I'm not going to lie but, I am a die hard Alex fan and right when I finished Delirium my heart literally sunk into a black hole and ceased to exist while I waited for another few months for Pandemonium to come out and once I read that, through out the whole book I kept saying a manta over and over in my head - *please don't fall in love with Julian. Please don't fall in love with Julian. Please don't fall in love...* And then of course she falls in love with Julian and THEN we get the biggest cliffhanger of all cliffhangers and I seriously don't even know what I did for those dark days ... I'm pretty sure I just sat in a corner crying over who she should choose because on one hand I really REALLY want her to go with Alex but then I remembered this quote: “If you love two people at the same time, choose the second one, because if you really loved the first one you wouldn’t have fallen for the second.” but, I guess technically she thought Alex was dead.... I'm just really really confused!

    ANYWAYS, I lied and made this message long I apologize in advance and I know one of the requirements is to follow you here but, I have no clue how like do I have to make an account or...

    1. You have to have a blogger account, and then on the homepage under your reading list, you click "Add" then you type in the blog URL :)

      Good luck! I agree with everything in your response by the way :D haha

    2. ooOOOoo I see, I'm not really sure how but, I believe I am following you so SUCCESS and LOL you have to admit Lena + Alex = Perfection :D

  16. Hi!! :) It's awesome that you're doing this, but I have a wee problem when it comes to tumblr. I made an account and then followed you, but then I forgot my username and I can't pull it up even though I'm still logged in. (Don't judge my inability to use computers lol) Anyway...I think it's something like - Sorry!Does that still count?

    But if it does then.... I absolutely LOVE Alex!! He has those bad boy/sweetheart qualities that just make you want to melt! At first, I was like GO JULIAN! But then I read it a second time and I said OH HELL NO!! YOU BETTER NOT BE PICKING HIM! Lol I think the main reason people like Julian is because she explained him more than Alex, but I don't care because Alex was there for her through everything! Plus it's a book, the place we can all escape are normal boring lives and end up with your first love! But yes.... Alex all the way!! Haha thanks for doing this!!

    1. I found your tumblr account under my followers, so don't worry. You're good haha.

  17. Tumblr:

    I think Lena should really pick Alex. Alex was the one who made her see what love really is. Before she knew him, she was just like everyone else who believed that love is a disease and you needed to be cured from it, but Alex made all the difference in Lena's life. That's why when she thought he was gone for good, she found it hard to 'start' again and pick herself up because her love for Alex is strong and real. Because of this too, she has matured and became a stronger person. And they had so many good memories up to when Alex risked his life to save Lena that one night. I think Lena just can't leave that all behind.

    As for Julian, Lena had only shared a limited time with him mostly when they were imprisoned and when they escaped. Their 'moments' are quite few compared to her and Alex's so their attraction is just like boom! Sure, Lena already knows what love is but I still think what she had with Alex was stronger and more real. Julian is handsome (too) but I would always love Alex for Lena, however it all ends xD

  18. My Tumblr is
    I was almost done this post and about to hit publish, when I realized that I changed my mind on who I want Lena to be with. I honestly love Alex and Julian equally and I find that it is going to be a real tough decision for Lena. I even asked Lauren Oliver via Tumblr if it was hard to choose who Lena ends up with and she says it was super hard. I was going to say Julian and Lena should end up together because they both grew up in the twisted United States and experienced the strict rules on not being able to love. Then there is the fact that she did not change for him, but could be like Alex on showing him what another way could be. I think they have chemistry and I love Julian and a part of me wants to say hey I want those two to end up together. But, I think she belongs to Alex only because he showed her a new way to live and made her find her voice and become tougher than before. He was her first love and they had so many moments together. Without Alex she would not have ran off to the Wilds and become more daring. Plus, when I was reading Delirium I was all like awwwwwww they are soo cute together! Then at the end of Delirium I was yelled at why did you do that Oliver, WHY?! (by the way I was in a class when that happened and then I started to cry). I feel like Alex is her Savior and Julian is her new hope when all was lost even though she didn't want to believe Alex was dead when he really wasn't. On the other hand, I feel like Julian was somewhat of a rebound due to her thinking Alex was gone for ever. They are both wonderful guys and I honestly think Alex and Lena should be together, but do want her and Julian together. This is a dilemma! I feel like I am cheating on them when I say so and so should be together and stuff! But, yeah Lena and Alex deserve each other. He took her to places she has never been and made her view the world differently and there relationship is beautiful and daring. Without Alex Lena would not be Lena. She needs him, he is what makes her grow and live. If she ends up with either guys or both, I'll be happy. But, she and Alex need each other to live:)

  19. It's such a hard decision for me to choose whether Lena should pick Alex or Julian. If Lena picks Alex, Julian will be so helpless. I feel like Julian should also deserve Lena too. Lena should pick Alex because he was with her first.

    Tumblr username: stephaniechen13

  20. Well, first of all, I have to say that I'm sorry if I have some spelling mistakes, I'm Mexican and my English is not perfect.

    The answer to the question: Alex. Alex is the perfect person for Lena. I know that they are all saying that Lena and Alex have change and that they may not belong together any more, that Alex reacted in a really bad- impulsive way , and that Julian needs Lena to live in the wilds; but I think that the answer keeps being the same: Alex. He is an strong, hot, and intelligent character, such as Lena- without the hot part-. I like Julian, but the thing with him is that he is... Cute. Adorable. Like a little brother, not like a boy friend. They have a puppy love. Alex and Lena have a stronger past together, and a stronger feeling. They really loved each other back then in Portland, they didn't just feel attracked to each other. Alex gave-almost- his life for her. He deserves a happy ending because he gave a lot for Lena. So did Julian- his family, old life, and believes- but the relationship between they both two seems... Kind of force, they don't hit it off because everything seems kind of force. Lena needed someone to love because she was devastated, and she got locked in a room with a boy. It was obvious that she was going to feel something. But that something wasn't real. In both cases Lena was trying to deny herself what she was feeling, but in the first one, her believes were even stronger, because Alex is... Well, Alex, an strong and independent boy that gave his life for the person he loves-loved? They have both been trough a lot, and they deserve to be together. .

    1. AHHHH SORRY! I forgot to write my tumblr: carolinariojas

  21. Tumblr link:
    Hope I made it correctly :D

    Ok if it is n't already obvious who I chose let me explain. First AAAAAAAAALLLLLLLLLLLEEEEEEEEEEEXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX.
    I think I will die or be heartbroken or I might jump in the book and slap Lena if she doesn't choose Alex. Now why she should choose Alex. Well if it weren't for Alex she would be cured and she wouldn't love at all. He made her love. He is the reason for everything. I felt like Julian was to quick to just join her and realize that love is ok. It took Lena to except love, he excepted it a bit too quickly. Alex is to thank for everything. A cured Lena would not be interesting, she wouldn't love or care. He made her love and care. ALEX AND LENA FOREVER! Seriously if they don't end up together, something is seriously wrong. They are perfect. I will not enjoy Requiem if she doesn't pick Alex. It would make me so mad and sad and I would probably throw my book (ok I would not thrown the book but I would be emotionally damaged).
    I cannot wait until I can read this!!!!!!

  22. Hi, I'm Macy (swimmergirl789). I'm in love with this series and ALEX!!!!!!!!! I hope you'll choose me to get the advance copy. I'd love this sooooooo much I would do anything for it and I mean anything.Alex definently he is #1. He has risked his life for Lena. He would rather die then her. Julian and Lena couldn't and wouldn't last a chapter. In Pandemonium they were locked in together for weeks it would have happened to anyone really. I LOVE ALEX. If him and Lena don't end up together and if he was a real human being I'd take him. Julian doesn't know what love is. Alex does, Alex saved Lena so many times its criminal not to have him. No matter what they did to him. He's in love with her. ALEX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. Alex, of course!! <3 I don't see the connection between Lena and Julian. She has a way better chemistry and friendship with Alex! Alex is mature, well rounded and understands Lena. Sure, Julian is sweet and safe. But sometimes sweet and safe is not enough..its like settling. Also, he acts like total a baby and depends on Lena for everything. Alex is a way better option than Julian!!!!!

  24. Oh btw, my tumblr username is sameesamee! Thanks for the giveaway. :)

  25. Well, Alex has always been the main love interest and for a good reason; he is practically a perfect man specimen (and he loves Lena unconditionally). Julian is too whiny and relies on Lena too much. I also don't think that their 'love' is real love, it's more of a mutual desperation that grew as they spent so much time confined together. I bet if Lena was stuck in the same room for the same amount of time as some obnoxious idiot, she would start feeling the same things (not saying that Julian is an obnoxious idiot or anything...). Basically, Alex and Lena are just meant to be together, Julian and Lena are meant to be...friends.
    :) hope that was ok... (I made a tumblr account for this...)

  26. which guy should she pick? In my head there is really no obvious answer to this question. One of them was her first love, the person who introduced her to another way of living. The second were someone who needed her help, someone she could give somehting back to, but also someone she needed. I am having a hard time deciding who she should pick, who is best for her. In some ways I think it would be Julian because he is the one she has fallen in love with lately, while trying to get over Alex. But Alex is the character that I would pick. Ah no, I refuse to answer. I leave it up to Lauren to break my heart, hopefully as carefully and in the softest way one can break a heart.
    In other words (or in tumblr gifs) My body is ready:

  27. I've followed via GFC
    And my Tumblr username is: Staytothelights

    My pick would be Julian. Not that Alex isn't great, and I did like him with Lena, but with Julian.. I feel there is just something so real between them. I love how Lena went from hating and forcing to get close to him, to her getting to know him, all the while falling in love with him.

    I don't believe your first love is your be all end all love. You can love more than one person in your lifetime, and just because she loved Alex, doesn't mean she isn't allowed to love Julian as well.. because life has no rules. Lena and Julian grew to love one another as they battled events things together. It came naturally. Sometimes fate happens and it brings you to a person for a reason, and if so, then it is meant to be.

  28. I think Lena should end up with Alex. They're perfect for each other, and he would have given up his own life so she could be free in the Wilds, which he almost did that night she escaped. He was loyal to her, and managed to find her after (probably) being imprisoned. I was just annoyed that Lena had almost no faith in Alex, or that she would ever see him again. She had just accepted that he was dead. And she fell in 'love' again. I think the Lena/Julian love was too forced, it happened too fast. When Lena and Alex fell in love, it was gradual and they took their time. (

  29. This is a tough question but my thought is that she should pick Alex. He almost gave his life for her and there is no bigger devotion than that. He taught her how to love and helped her be stronger than the system. If it wasn't for him, she would have never even known her mother was alive. It is unfortunate that Julian would be crushed but hopefully he is stronger than that. Thanks for the chance to win!
    saltsnmore at yahoo dot com
    I'm dying to see how this ends!!!

  30. Hello! My tumblr user is:

    why i think Lena shouldn't choose any of the guys. as far as I know, i'm a biggest shipper of Alena. They are my favorite couple ever, you don't have idea. But in fact, I think Lena should end up alone. If you had asked to me after I finished reading Pandemonium, I would say Alex, with no doubt but now i'm thinking about Julian. Poor Julian. He loves her in the same way Alex loves Lena and I don't want he to be hurted. And Lena... Lena loves Alex, no doubt, even more than Julian but I think she cares about him and as far as I know Lena, she won't end up with Alex, she won't want to see Julian hurted. That's why i think.
    Thank you for the giveaway!

  31. tumblr name: maisiewilde

    I think that Lena should pick Alex. I loved him first. But the attraction between Lena and Julian was undeniable in Pandemonium and I begun to like him too! Such a hard decision. But I think I love Alex that bit more just because we met him first, and he was never really out of the picture.

  32. To be honest I have no idea who she should pick. I loved Alex and at first I thought they were perfect for each other, but then she met Julian and there was just something so special between them. They have such great chemistry.. Oh gosh I really don't know :) I want her to pick both of them! :D But I think she'll pick Alex at the end. After all he was her first love and she still loves him.


  33. Lena should pick Alex. Alex taught her the real meaning of love! Alex always love Lena. He was always there for Lena before the awful indecent that had happen. Still, I want them back together! True love never dies.

  34. The things I do for ARC's...
    I think Lena should pick...neither. Just to show the world that love isn't just a crush on someone you've known for...weeks? If Lauren Oliver were to have Lena have to let go, that would show true love. The whole love triangle? It doesn't really show the depth of love. If she really loved them both, she wouldn't choose anyone.

  35. This book, ugh. Anyway, Lena should definitely choose Alex. Not only was he her "first", he sacrificed everything for her. He killed himself so she could live!
    See, Alex was the one who was saving Lena. But Lena is saving Julian. How can someone save someone else when they're not really sure what's going on themselves? I don't think Lena should be with someone who so uncertain.
    Besides, Alex's toughness is HOT.

  36. Well hello there I'm so happy that I have a chance to win this book. I think she should pick Alex, he was her first love and he scrificed himself for her. I don't know what to say I'm so excited..fgfhh.
    Here is my tumblr

  37. Thanks for the giveaway!
    Followed on tumblr: jennachristy
    Followed on blogger: jenna christy matalam

    I loved Lana and Alex in Delirium, but I loved Julian and Lana more in Pandemonium. There's somethng more attractive to Julian, and I guess the challenges they faced were much more heightened. Ao I hope it's Julian. :)

  38. XD Amazing Giveaway

    I would like Lena and Alex to end up together. For reasons I simply cannot explain within two sentences. Going to need a paragraph sorry.

    1. You could have given a paragraph, it was a minimum of 2 sentences =)

    2. ohhhhh.... guess I can't read. I've re entered because i didn't know.... is that alright? :/ i hope so. Thanks for this giveaway btw. It's amazing.

    3. Yeah, it's okay. Don't worry, and you're welcome =)

  39. I think Lena should pick Alex because he was her first love and she loved him when it was forbidden for her to love. Besides Alex always seemed to understand Lena and he was ready to give his life for her (which he kind of did, just saying).

  40. Hello! :)

    I believe Lena should chose Alex. I'm not choosing Alex simply because he was her first love. Lena was depicted as a strong young lady in Pandemonium, however I believe she still has a lot to learn. She spent her whole life thinking love was a disease and in what seemed like just a few moments all that changed. I believe the same goes for Julian. He needs to be taught, so I don't think they'd make a good match. Alex will continue to be there for Lena, to lead her through her new life. There's apart of me that still believes Lena might not be able to be there for Julian just like Alex will be there for her. Julian and Lena grew up with the same thoughts, grew up on the same lies - they need people with different views to help them pull through.

    Just my two cents. :)

  41. First, thanks for this great contest. Second, your are so lucky to have read Requiem already.

    Who do I want Lena with? Well deep down it is Alex, but there is this spot near and dear to me I hold for sweet Julian. So, I guess I'd be ok with Julian, but thrilled if its Alex.

    BTW my tumblr is

  42. Tumblr account: DarCharlee ( )
    Pick between Julian and Alex: This is kind of hard, isn't it? When you read Delirium you want her to end up with Alex and in Pandemonium I really grew to like Julian. So who is better for her in my opinion? That is so hard to answer. I think the answer would be Julian. I didn't enjoy Delirium that much. The story was great and everything, but the romance between Lena and Alex seemed a little rushed or too forced or something. There wasn't enough time for me to like him enough. I loved him, don't get me wrong, but I guess that was more because he was all there was for Lena. With Julian, you have the right to choose, which is good - a love triangle is always good (or in books at least :P and if it's well-written). He is sweet and kind and probably everything Alex is/was, but less bad-boyish. I usually love bad boys, but Julian is so sweet and he doesn't know a single thing about love yet, you just fall for him so bad. He really cares about Lena and I really felt their connection. A connection that they both choose, though Lena still struggled with Alex. And that is the main reason I think: She allowed herself to fall for Julian, so why shouldn't we all do it? Of course, Alex taught her how to love, if you see it that way, but no one said that he had to be the only one she loved. But doesn't matter who she ends up with, I will feel sorry for the other one. I'm pretty excited what happens with Alex, Julian and Lena though. I bet my wish won't be heard, but I am dying to read Requiem. I can't wait :)

    x Darleen <3

  43. Tumblr account: TimeandThymeAgain (

    Ok so I'm a big fan of the series, and during the first book I was definitely completely pro-Alex. At first, I thought that their quick love was a little too intense, but it goes along with the story - obviously it would be a hard fall from the cliff of the "love is a disease" idea. So when Lena goes along and meets this new boy Julian I was really annoyed with him at first; I tend to stick with rooting for one guy throughout a series. But, as the novel progressed, I really started liking Julian a lot, and felt like I understood him a lot more than Alex. This might just be because the first book was more focused on Lena's side of experiencing love for the first time, and the entire plotline involving her mother in the prison. As of now, I think I'm rooting for Julian!!! I'd be more disappointed if she didn't end up with Julian more than Alex, but I still really like Alex. :) Can't wait to see what the end of the series brings though!


  44. Tumblr Account:

    Who do I want with Lena? That's the question that every single reader asks themselves. Of course, I was on the Alex/Lena bandwagon when it first started then Julian came in, and to be honest, I always hate the person who strolls in and tries to "ruin" the relationship. I saw that Julian (though, I didn't know his name before) would of course pick up the pieces of her broken heart and I understood that because she thinks Alex is dead (but I saw it coming even before sneaking a peak at the last line), but still. Then Julian was introduced and he talked about his life and he reference The Wizard of Oz, and I couldn't help falling in love with Julian too. I admit, he's wonderful and perfect - in a weird not so perfect way, but I like Alex/Lena way too much to like Julian/Lena better. There's that saying about if you fall in love with two people go for the second, because if you truly loved the first you wouldn't have gone for the second - but I think Alex completed here more. Alex didn't have to love her, he could of discarded even the thought of her and went for any other girl in town. But he did. And Julian, I feel like Julian was pressured into loving her, because Raven and Tack had planned it all, the both of them getting stuck and all. Also, I feel like Julian's a kid, compared to Lena, that she knows so much more than he does. And because of course, Alex is still scarred by the fact he was in The Crypts, I think Lena can understand that. And that they can start again. They both had to bury who they were before and bury the thought of each other, to live their new lives, but now they're back again. Chances are they might always be together. Though, I can't tell how Julian's going to fit in the picture with Alex. So, Julian/Alex could always happen, thought I'd be okay with it.

    - Adele

  45. HI!!! My tumblr is Mouse Fetish. I think Lena should go for Julian for the simple reason that, Alex was her Prince on white horse. She was the docile female, weak and needy with loves strength. Julian was a grown up love of the women Lena has grown to become. She was JULIAN's hero instead of vice versa!


  46. Hello!!
    My tumblr is Fly Away With Me or ( And I am having a REALLY hard time answering your question!! Alex and Lena were so cute in the first book, I mean he taught her to love and what it was like to be loved and I think that experience for her was just so crucial and she needed it. On the other hand, I feel like because Alex taught her to love, she is now able to love Julian. They have grown together and they challenge each other and have gotten so close in such a short time. Ah I really am so torn. I think I am going to have to pick Julian though. Yes, Alex played a crucial role in Lena's life and basically taught her how to love, but I feel like the bond that Lena and Julian share is closer and deeper than the bond that Alex and Lena had. I really hate having to pick one of them for her!!!!


  47. wow, thanks for the giveaway you made.
    first, sorry i dont know my username on tumblr but the url is and btw i followed this blog also.
    secondly, sorry about my terrible english spelling, and i hope you can got my explain.

    okay, i choose Alex, her first love! maybe Lena had falling in love to Julian just because there's no alex. julian just an escape.
    and Alex is better than Julian. Alex is the one who had first intoduce of love, and Lena going to be strong because Alex, she survive because Alex(when she's in The Wild). the sacrifices Alex did for lena, he always protect Lena (in Delirium). ah Alex is the amazing character.

    Julian is good, but Alex is more than him. but i worry if Alex changed, so lets hope Alex not changed when he back at the wild.

    1. Don't worry, I understood what you meant. According to your URL, your username is yustie-afm.

  48. Tumblr: pleasepressplay

    Oh dear Lord. How could one choose between Alex and Julian? I fell in love with Alex almost instantly in Delirium, and I absolutely adored Julian in really, how could you even --

    If I really, really had to pick one, I'd say...Alex? Because I love him first, ha ha. But from the Requiem sneak peek, the new Alex scares me a little.

    Can't wait for Requiem!

  49. Hello!

    Tumblr account:

    I think Lena should choose Alex. I just felt them falling for each other in Delirium. Lena decided to leave everything because of him. She loved him more than anything.
    In Pandemonium, I think Lena fell for Julian only because she was too lonely. I think she felt guilty when Alex "died" in Delirium, so when she met Julian who needed help she saw it as a way to make things right - to not feel guilty anymore.
    I believe Alex was the reason for everything she went through.


  50. Right, well as it seems I can't read:

    When I first met Alex I was pretty sure he had it bad for Lena. Damn, I sure would have fell for him too. He opened her eyes into a world she never dreamed of, one that was free and happy. Yet instead of being grateful she screws him over. He told her to run, he gave her a chance at true happiness. She could have at least respected his memory if she thought he was dead. But the first person who pops up, aka Julian, reminds her of Alex. Even though he is nothing like Alex. I get it love does that to you, but not like that. She moved on the first chance she got. All because he reminded her of Alex. Now he's back I hope she gets her head straight because this'll crush Alex.

    It's sad because I want her with Alex so much... yet he deserves so much better.

    Blogger: Katy Taylor

  51. I think Lena should end up with Alex. Their chemistry was beyond visible and the sparks between them in Delirium was more than to what she had with Julian. Even though Julian was sweet and helped Lena get over Alex's death (not necessarily a good thing) I truly do believe what Alex and Lena had was deep and filled with passion. And nothing can compare with that.
    Tumblr account:
    P.S - Thanks for giving us this opportunity

  52. Hey!

    I think Lena should be with Alex. Alex was Lena's first love. Alex was the one who changed Lena's opinion on the "cure for love" and actually allowed Lena to believe that love is a good thing. That's why I think Lena should be with Alex.

    My Tumblr account : (I'm fairly new)

    Thanks :)

  53. Howdy :) I'm Jess!
    Personally, I feel like Lena was just using Julian as a rebound. I felt really bad for him and hated him even, but he just does not belong in the picture. Although I agree that yes, Alex was dead (so we thought) so it was okay to start dating after a few months. And judging Alex on the only sentence he said in Pandemonium, I'd say he sounds a bit bitter, and that's understandable, seeing how he just walked in on his ex?-girlfriend (not sure if they're still together) kissing another guy and saying she'll stay with him.

    She made a promise to Julian, and he just basically got disowned by his father who tried to force him into the operation early. Julian is kind of an empty shell though, and I feel like Lauren Oliver felt under pressure that we needed a love triangle to make the book interesting so she just conjured up this shell of a person. In conclusion, I feel like Julian should get Lena, but truly I know that Alex and Lena belong together. (Even though it never happens where the first guy gets the girl. We saw it in Matched with Xander, and in the Hunger Games with Gale, in Fire by Kristin Cashore with Archer.)
    Sorry this is all over the place, but to clarify: I VOTE ALEX!

    my tumblr:
    (technically I'm beelievemee but it's a long story)

    1. Just to make it clear, when I follow you it will say beelievemee has followed you, not invisiblestarfish :)

    2. Alright, thanks for letting me know =)

  54. (rockstargirl891 on tumblr btw)Idk really know who i want lena to be with Lena or Alex. But iam leaning towards Julian because when alex came in at the end saying"dont belive her" it kinda sounds like hes mad at lena. so i Think lena is gonna end up With Julian.

  55. ( ) after lena saw alex die her world was just chaos. after a year she is still trying to recover, but now she is a new lena. and this new lena falls in love with julian. when she mets alex in pandemonium he's changed too.
    i think lena will end up with julian because that's were she fits in now. alex is changed so is she, they will never be the same again.

  56. I think the Lena should chose Alex. If it weren't for him, she would have had the procedure! And I don't like how she and Julian fell in love so quickly. But Lauren Oliver said, "You don't always end up with your first love", so Lena is probably ending up with Julian. :(


  57. Hi Brittany, I'm Sue. My tumblr URL is And in response to your question, I think Lena should choose Alex. My reasoning is that Alex challenged her, forced her to rethink her former assumptions and prejudices, and, ultimately, changed the course of her life. He also would have sacrificed his life so she could live and I think there is no greater love than that.

    Furthermore, while I like Julian, I think her attachment to him is just a desire for the comfort that Alex once brought her. She was in a vulnerable place and Julian was there, and he was interested in her. I don't blame her for moving on, but I think that if she'd known Alex was alive she never would have been in that cell; she would have been outside Portland, trying to break out Alex. Just my opinion.

    More than anything though, I just trust Alex. Not that I don't trust Julian, but I have implicitly trusted Alex since the beginning, and believe that ultimately he'd be the best choice for Lena, despite the setbacks they'd face if they were to continue their relationship.

    In any event, thanks so much for hosting this giveaway, and best of luck to everyone participating!

  58. (1) I'm following you on tumblr, (I think anyway! I hadn't even heard of tumblr until this, so I just created in, like 2 minutes ago! lol)

    (2) I'm totally following your blog! :)

    (3) I have to admit right here that I have to choose Alex simply because I have only read Delirium so far. I just was recently introduced to the series and read the first one in 1 day, and I'm HOOKED! So hooked that I planned a trip tonight to the closet library (an hour away!) that has an available copy but didn't get there before it closed because I got hit by another car! As soon as I feel like I can drive again, I'm making attempt #2 to get to that library! That is if I don't give in and order it via Kindle or Audible before then! So you can see, getting Requiem delivered to me would probably be the safest thing for me! But if I don't win this ARC giveaway, I'm already on the wait list to get Requiem as soon as it's available at said library. Though I'd LOVE to read it before then! (Hint, hint, hehe!) I love getting ARCs and getting the chance to review them. Anywho, back to the question; like I already stated, all I know about Julian is his name and he makes his appearance in Pandemonium. But she just has to choose Alex! If it wasn't for him, she wouldn't even know all that she's learned! She wouldn't have had a chance to escape! She wouldn't know that her mother is alive! She'd be on her way to becoming just another Deliria-free zombie! Lena owes Alex EVERYTHING!!!!

    Okay, end of rant. :) Once I get get to read Pandemonium I may come back and change that answer, but for now there it is. Pick me, pick me! Please pretty please!

    1. Just finished Pandemonium. Whew, what a book! And now I'm changing my answer. I want her to choose Julian. She changed herself for him, was willing to do anything to just see him one more time. She tried not having feelings for him, and did anyway. Augh, can't wait for Requiem!!

  59. I follow your blog, I follow your tumbler my username is mileysmom2008. She has to pick Alex! They were just so perfect for each other and he saved her life by sacrificing himself to save her. I hope I win!!!!

  60. Tumblr Account:

    Hi. My choice is totally Alex. I do not even wait and think for a second who to choose because I know it all the time, it's going to be Alex.

    Alex changed Lena. He is the reason why Lena has grown into a character she never thinks she can be. Alex showed Lena a world outside what she have known all her life and I think it's a reason enough.

    About Julian, I don't hate him but I don't really think he's suited for Lena. He's been there for her and I'm grateful for that. But I don't think what Lena feels for Julian is love, it's just a desire that has been fused up due to their time alone together and in the absence of Alex.

    Now, I've read a sneak peek of Requiem because I bought Annabel. And some people who have read it has changed from choosing Alex to Julian. But I'm not. I'm still an Alena shipper and it's heartbreaking that Lena refers him as an "illusion". But what do we expect, he just spent half of the year in the crypts and the moment he broke free, he sees his girl with another boy. And we know how badly the crypts can change a person.

    And I think Alex being on the "dark side" is just another reason why Lena should pick Alex. I know Alex is not hopeless and if there's one person that can bring back the old him, it's Lena. :))))

    So that's my answer and I followed you on tumblr and here. Thank you for having this giveaway and I'm praying to God that I'll be picked! :)

  61. OMGGGG! I CAN'T BELIEVE THIS! Requiem. <333

    I want Lena to end up with Alex but Lauren Oliver sure knows how to break the hearts of her readers (uhh-oh). I am an Alena shipper all the way! I want Lena to end up with Alex because he IS her first love. During Pandemonium, I actually didn't picture them (Lena and Julian) together. I actually imagined Julian as a little child. and I guess Lena just really miss Alex so much that she THOUGHT that she has gotten over her feelings for him and maybe that was the reason why she gave Julian a chance at love. Besides, if she doesn't love Alex anymore, why is she even bothered that Alex haven't talked to her for weeks (from the preview of the 1st 2 chapters of Requiem on Annabel)? All the sacrifice Alex made. All those memories they had. god! I can't even forget their firsts.
    GFC: Pauline Tolentino

  62. Hi! <3

    Ultimately in the end I want Lena and Alex together. There is no real answer as to why other than they belong together. That being said I don't want it to happen right away (and I don't expect it too either) I want to see her give Julian a chance. Because if she doesn't she could go forever wondering "what if". I might be wrong and she and Alex were only each other's first love, and Julian very well could be her true love. I hope it's not like that, but I look forward to seeing the journey.

    My tumblr is:

  63. Hello :D

    Honestly I love Alex and Julian both, but I think Lena should be with Alex in the end. Julian is just awesome, but I like Alex more. And we can't forget that he was the first love of Lena and that without him she also would be just another of the zombies living in Portland. But then again Julian did leave his whole life behind to be with Lena. I just hoping that Lauren Oliver has done this love triangle well and hasn't killed one of the boys 'cause I love 'em both.

    My tumblr is :)

  64. First of all: Thank you. Thank you. THANK YOU for this opportunity. I have been dying to get my hands on this little treasure!

    For me, the choice between Alex and Julian is an easy one. Alex. I can't even begin to fathom how Lena could even consider Julian once she knows Alex is alive. Truthfully, I didn't know how she even considered him before she knew. Sure, they shared an experience - a difficult experience - but that just doesn't cut it for me. I don't see how after all she went through with Alex, all she felt, all she overcame, she could even think twice about being with someone else. Alex gave up his life for her. I get genuinely angry when I think of her ending up with Julian (a little character obsessed, I know).

    My tumblr:

  65. Hello! :)
    Finished re-reading Delirium and Pandemonium as quickly as possible so I could enter this with an informed decision. Tehe :P

    It's a tough one.
    On the one hand, Alex saved her; in every way that she could be saved. From the cure, from death, from confinement... He sacrificed his cover in Portland, months in the Crypts, near death. He chose her, he loved her over every other woman in Portland. To think of her not being with Alex after all that is just... horrible.
    Yet. Lena is changed. She admits it herself. She thought Alex was dead. The new Lena is stronger, more able to look after herself. But Julian is new to this. He needs her. Survival without Lena for Julian would not be good for him. Lena also admits in Pandemonium that she feels more comfortable around Julian.

    Overall though, its got to be Alex. Got to be. In the first he was just... a dream! She's only known Julian for like five minutes. She doesn't truly love him yet. She's been yearning for Alex forever. From that snapshot of him at the end of the second book, it's clear he has also changed. Maybe this time round, Alex is the one who needs to be saved.

    Umm I followed you on blogger and tumblr.

    Thanks for this. It's so nice of you :)

  66. Omg, love this! I was sad when I didn't win the goodreads giveaway.

    tumblr name: cherrywheat

    So I honestly don't know who I want her to choose at this point. I loved Alex in the first book and was totally heart broken when I thought he was dead, but then Julian stepped in the scene and grew on me. More than grew on me, I fell for him too!

    However, in most of these love triangles, I always root for the guy that was there first. (cough cough, Gale, Aspen)

    SO. Even though I don't strongly feel one way, I'm going to go with Alex. Can't wait to see what happens!!

  67. Wow, great contest, thanks for making it international!

    I follow you on Tumblr. My Tumblr URL:
    Followed the blog via GFC-Ashfa Anwer

    For me, it's Alex all the way! Julian is all nice and everything, yes, but Alex is really the one for Lena. And Alex was the one in prison for an year for Lena, he took a bullet for her! if there was no Alex, there'll be no story, no excitement, no nothing!!! Alex is the one who made Lena who she is.


  68. Thanks so much for doing this!! My tumblr account is eacooke85!

    I think Lena should choose Alex. While I really like Julian and the way that Lena's character blossomed through their relationship, I think in the end that she should be with Alex. I dont think its because he's her first love or he would have died for her, but because he was willing to sacrifice everything for her. Even though Julian is willing to experiment for Lena, Alex is the one for her. Im concerned that Alex has changed since his time in prison but I think Lena will choose Alex because he is the one who showed her what it means to love someone and how can you give up on someone like that? At the end of the day though I will be happy regardless!! I just want to know!!!!! Im DYING to learn the ending! eek!

  69. Thanks for the chance to win! My Tumblr name is chloeeesays.

    I actually can't really respond to the question well because I have yet to read Pandemonium! I really enjoyed Lena and Alex's relationship in Delirium, though, so I will stick with them for now. I seriously need to get around to reading Pandemonium... college is the bane of my reading life.

  70. Just curious if you're going to announce the winner for everyone to see, or just notify the winner only. I'm just anxious to see who won. :)

    1. I'd like to announce who my winner for the giveaway is but I haven't heard back from her yet, so for now I will not announce it.