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Saturday, January 26, 2013

Unravel Me by Tahereh Mafi Review (spoiler alert)

3.5/5 Stars
Details of the Book
paperback, 465 pages
Published by HarperCollins
Published on February 5, 2013
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Omega Point and The Reestablishment are going to war, while Juliette is still struggling to control her gifts. After her friends are captured, Juliette discovers that there is a person more evil than Warner--his father, president of The Reestablishment. She also discovers that there is more to Warner than she originally thought, and her feelings for him surface just as her and Adam run into trouble in their relationship. On top of the war between Omega and The Reestablishment, Juliette has to decide what side she's on and who is it going to be--Adam or Warner?

Unfortunately, the last question is not answered in this novel. I found that I enjoyed this book much more than Shatter Me because the writing style is not so disjointed and there are less punctuation problems. This book through me a curve ball with the couple of plot twists and I think that this novel overall was also less melodramatic.


1)Mafi's strong character development from Shatter Me continues in this novel. There is always something new to learn about each character, something in their past that explains who they are. I'm hard-pressed to find a character that I do not like or at least find extremely interesting because of their backstory.

2) Plot twists: The twists and turns I did not expect in this novel. There was definitely a couple moments where I was completely floored. At the same time, Mafi's twists nicely pull the story really well together.

3) I love Kenji, he's such a badass. Not only is he hilarious, he is kickass on his own without the extra skill that Juliette has.

4)The writing style is much improved from Shatter Me, I figure that this is because Juliette is really coming into her own, and instead of being half-crazed from being tortured and locked-up she is finally able to help those around her.


1) Because Mafi decided on a love-triangle, Adam and Juliette's relationship seems like kind of a joke. There are some pretty hot and heavy moments in this novel--and let me just say they are not just with Adam.

2) There were a couple of moments where it was unclear as to what was going on. At one point Juliette is on a mission with Kenji and Adam and they are supposed to be right behind her, and somehow they end up being somewhere completely different. It's just unclear as to what is happening with Adam and Kenji during Juliette's meeting with Warner's father.

Here's another example of an unclear moment: "I remember the days when things were fairly normal, when people were only sort-of dying all the time" (129). Can someone please explain to me how people can "sort-of" die all the time?

3) I don't understand why Juliette has to keep so many secrets to herself, not just from Adam, but from others. Secrets that could actually saves lives, I find it hard to believe that she really cares about the people around her when she is holding back these type of secrets. And of course, secrets that are kept, always come out and in front of everyone and in a way that it shouldn't have been revealed. I just think there are other ways to move the plot forward then the main character making the same mistake over and over again.

Favorite Moments & Quotes: 

"Adam's arms wrap around my waist, pulling me closer, and the pleasure is so tremendous I can hardly keep my frame from shaking. It's like my skin and bones have been craving contact, warm affection, human interaction for so many years that I don't know how to pace myself. I'm a starving child trying to stuff my stomach, gorging my senses on the decadence of these moments as if I'll wake up in the morning and realize I'm still sweeping cinders for my step-mother" (15).

"'I'm serious. Do you have any idea how awkward it is to wave at someone and have them ignore you? And then you're just looking around like a jackass, trying to be all, "No really, I swear, I know that girl" and no one believes y--'" (33).

"'I have nine different weapons concealed on my body right now. Would you like to choose the one I use to shoot you in the face? Or should I?'" (213).


  1. Great review. How do you get all your ARC's? You have so many!

  2. Someone asked me this on a different review, and someone else actually answered it too lol.

    Go to these sites and you'll see how:

    I hope that you find this to be helpful. I'm glad you liked the review =)

  3. This may seem mean but can I have you copy of this book because I am Dying to read this!
    What main thing do you do to get ARC's?

    1. It's not mean of you to ask, but I'm very attached to my copies, so the only time I would give it away is if I had an extra.

      As for your second question, I get my ARCs in many different ways but I have friends that work in bookstores that have a lot of ARCs laying around.

    2. It's ok, I feel the same way about my books.
      That's cool I wish I new someone who worked at a bookstore.