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Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Book Boyfriend: Niklass (Princess of Thorns by Stacey Jay)

So I've seen this meme floating around many book blogs, but initially I got the idea from Reading Lark and they got this meme from The Unread Reader. I've enjoyed the meme so much that I will also be joining in on the fun on Wednesdays. Welcome to Book Boyfriends everyone!


  • Tall
  • Thick muscles (Stacey Jay's words, not mine)
  • Smiles all the time
  • Dark blue eyes
  • His hair is the color of a lion's mane

Why Niklass is my Book Boyfriend:

Yes, he's a bit of a womanizing, arrogant, prick, but most of our beloved fictional characters are just that. He has a good heart, and he's hilarious. Not to mention he's a decent fighter with thick muscles haha. Niklass has enough of that princely charm with a bad boy edge. I love that.

Actor to be my Niklass:

Looks-wise and what this role would entail I would have to go with Nikolaj Coster-Waldau. Niklass is pretty much Jaime Lannister without the whole sleeping with his sister thing haha.

Quotes from and about Niklass:

1) "Have to keep myself in prime condition for your sister. Girls like insufferable boys. It's the nice ones they can't be bothered with. Store that pearl away for your future Ror, if you hope to fare well with women."

2) "Women fall in love a dozen times before their fifteenth birthday, but when a man falls, he falls heart, body, and soul, and no woman but the one who has captured his imagination will do."

"Is that right?" I lift a brow in his direction.

"It is," he says. "The poor bastard becomes obsessed. Every bit of sense he possesses flees his head to set up camp in his britches, and there's no reason with him until the spell is broken."

3) "Regiene didn't love me; she loved being with a boy with ties to the crown," he says, not a trace of hurt in his tone. "As soon as she had a crown of her own, her true colors began bleeding all over the castle. She's been a terror to the other ladies, including my little sister, and I could never love a girl who treated my Hannah poorly."

4) "I didn't want a girl to marry me because she felt sorry for me. I wanted to win a wife based on my own merits."

5) "Are you all right?" he asks.

I shake my head, my eyes filling.

"Don't cry." He takes the mirror from my shaking hand. "You look beautiful."

My face crumples.

"Well, that's not so beautiful," he teases as he pulls me into his arms. 

If you guys want more of Niklass, you guys should definitely check out Princess of Thorns by Stacey Jay, I highly recommend it. You guys can also check out my review of it here, I have some more quotes about Niklass there.


  1. If this guy is anything like Jamie Lannister, then I should read this book.. *swoon*

    1. I can't say that he's exactly like Jamie, but he reminded me of him. If you do decide to read it, I hope you like it =)