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Monday, October 15, 2018

Literary Book Gifts: Guest Post + Exclusive Coupon Code!

Today, I have the pleasure of sharing with you the awesome designs from Literary Book Gifts who has graciously offered an exclusive coupon code for all of you that gives you 20% off anything in their store

This code does not expire AND there is no minimum order requirement! How great is that?! Just type in BOOKRAMBLES20 at check-out to apply the discount ^_^

Brittany's Personal Favorites

What makes this post, even more special is that the designer of the store has written the below guest post so you guys can learn more about the store itself as well as the designs! 

Literary Book Gifts is a small web shop devoted to all things books, fiction, and literature! I launched the store hoping to create designs that would inspire others to discuss and read novels, whether they were teachers, librarians, or just people who enjoy a great story.

All the design work is in-house, choosing which titles and authors to include in the collection is just as important as the design work itself. The entire collection is primarily based off of classic literature. I have a firm belief that great books, no matter how old, should be read and appreciated alongside 
contemporary fiction.

Sometimes it's hard to believe that Jane Austen wrote Pride and Prejudice in 1813, that was such as long time ago! It's amazing how Austen's love story between Elizabeth Bennet and Mr. Darcy can still be one of most beloved romantic tales even today.

I also try to make sure that less well-known titles are available, such as in the case of this Walden T-Shirt. The internet is a great place for everyone's favorite book or author to be available, even if it is not the top seller.

For those who love more general bookish and writing themed items, there are plenty of designs in the collection like this as well. There is a lovely vintage typewriter design perfectly suited for any writer or reader.

If you are interested in any of these gifts for book lovers, use the exclusive promo code BOOKRAMBLES20 for 20% off anything in the store, no minimum, and does not expire.

What do you guys think of these awesome designs? Which are your favorite? Where do you normally go for your bookish merch? Let me know!
FTC Disclaimer: No one at Brittany's Book Rambles was or will be compensated for this promotional post.


  1. I often spend money on books, but not so much with book shirts and the like. Maybe I should give these out to my parents for Christmas gift ideas. They're always asking me what I want... and they don't just want to give me books, LOL.

  2. I am loving those totes! Especially The Wonderful Wizard of Oz one. I want it! :D

  3. Such cute bookish items. I love that Jane Austen tee and those totes.

  4. Omg these are so cute!! I love bookish themed things.😍😍 I particularly love the Oz tote you have picked out there!

  5. I think you know I have a thing for all bookish things, hehe. And these are such lovely designs! Love your picks also :D I have a thing for Dracula, so that would probably be my first choice ;)

  6. I am all over these items! I haven't bought any bookish march for myself in so long and I am feeling the itch to get one of those totes. Thanks for sharing this! :)

  7. Ooooh do I spy a Little Women tote bag in the banner there??? I will definitely have to visit this shop!

  8. I love me some bookish merch. And anything to do with The 100. I usually look at Etsy and Society6 for the most part, but I am definitely going to check out Literary Book Gifts (it might be open in another tab as we speak haha) thanks for sharing, I am always on the hunt for bookish stuff!

  9. Though I don't usually buy it for myself, I do love admiring bookish merch from afar. And I do believe that one can never have too many bookish tote bags :)

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  14. This is an awesome guest post :D Thank you for sharing love. <3 I sadly do not buy a lot of bookish merch at all. Sigh. Too expensive with shipping and such, haha :) And no room. Hmph. But I love looking at it all :D Hope you are doing well lovely. <3 Hugs.

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