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Saturday, September 27, 2014

Books VS. Movies: The Notebook by Nicholas Sparks

It seems like nowadays that all of our favorite books are being turned into movies. This meme is about the failures and winners of the silver screen in comparison to their books.

I always try my best to read the book before seeing it's film adaptation but sometimes it just doesn't pan out that way. That being said, there are many books that I've read after the seeing the movie or TV show, and still enjoy the book more. In the case of Nicholas Sparks' book The Notebook, I would have to say that the movie was ten times better.

The book is written in a very boring and bland manner. There is no passion or feelings in the words and it focuses more on Noah and Allie as senior citizens and their love story is told in flashbacks. Not well written flashbacks, I might add. Even though the story was being told by Noah, just like in the movie, it felt like a third party was telling the story it was so detached. It's like how people are always saying for writing, it's important to show not tell. Well, the book was all telling, while the book showed the romance instead. Keeping in mind that it's easier in a movie to show a romance then it is to write one, doesn't change the fact that book failed to engage it's readers in the story.

Now the movie on the other hand I think was very heartfelt and moving. It starts out in the same way as its book, but focuses more on the couple when they first fall in love. As the movie goes on, you can watch as it develops and grows. The audience feels like they are apart of Noah and Allie's relationship, and their thoughts and feelings seem like they are your own.

What about you guys? Did you like the movie or the book better? Let me know =)


  1. I haven't read the book yet, but after seeing the movie, I'm very keen to :) I LOVED the movie; Ryan and Rachel were electric on screen <3

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