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Monday, September 1, 2014

Moronic Monday: Lydia Bennet

Mondays, the worst day of the week. Despite the fact that it's the start of your school/work week, there is always something extra that just pushes it to the next level. That someone that just permanently keeps Monday at the top of most dreaded days of the week. That's what this meme is about. The one character that drives you mad with their stupidity. Their idiocy is the type that you can spot their impending train wreck from miles away, the type that makes you want to slam their heads into a desk repeatedly. Moronic Mondays are not for your loveable idiots, no, it's for the ones that you think they deserve every bad thing they get it.

I have read the book and seen almost all of the film and TV adaptations of Pride and Prejudice and there is no light that Lydia Bennet could look intelligent. I know that this is a bit of an obvious one but I still feel irritated at the very thought of her. Men are constantly accused of thinking with their little head, in this case Lydia thought with hers. At every chance she got she made herself a spectacle. Not thinking of her family, or even how she herself looked ridiculous.

Without realizing it Lydia, if it wasn't for Mr. Darcy, could have ruined her entire family. Out of all her sisters, she was given the most leeway and she abused that. All she ever cared about was herself and never put much thought into any of her decisions. My only delight is that Mr. Wickham was stuck with an airhead of a wife, and that Lydia was most likely to live out her days poor (due to Wickham's gambling) with an adulterer for a husband.

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