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Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Book Boyfriend: Roar (Under the Never Sky by Veronica Rossi)

So I've seen this meme floating around many book blogs, but initially I got the idea from Reading Lark and they got this meme from The Unread Reader. I've enjoyed the meme so much that I will also be joining in on the fun on Wednesdays. Welcome to Book Boyfriends everyone!

  • Lean and strong
  • Dark hair 
  • Dark Brown Eyes
  • Sharp features

Why He's My Book Boyfriend: He's really charming. From the minute he appeared I was swept off my feet with his witty and flirty way of speaking. I love his confidence and strength. He's an amazing friend and when he cares there's nothing he won't do for you. Roar is very supportive of his loved ones in all ways, whether it comes to him risking his neck for you or saying something silly to brighten your mood. He has such vibrance and passion, I guess that's why his sadness broke my heart in Into the Still Blue. 

The Actor to be my Roar: 

Well, this is a toughy. We're not given a whole lot about his physical features other than that he's considered to be attractive by everyone, and he has dark features. So, I'll have to go with Taylor Lautner. He has the right look from the little descriptions we have, and his role as Jacob Black from Twilight is similar in certain ways, so I'm sure he could play this part.

Quotes from and about Roar: 

1) "Seers are good at looking and good-looking, but before you start wondering, no, I'm not a Seer. Just lucky." 

2) Roar's smile widened. "I know. You missed me."

She rolled her eyes. "It's barely been three weeks since I saw you."

"Miserable stretch of time," he said."

3) "Did he just call you pretty?"

Roar nodded, chewing. "Can you blame him?"

Her eyes moved over his even features. "No, I really can't," she said, though pretty didn't quite fit Roar's dark looks.

4) "So it should be me doing the vouching, don't you think? I'm perfect for it. I've taught you everything."

Aria shook her head, trying not to smile. Truly Roar was the perfect choice. He had taught her all she knew about sounds--and knives. "Everything except modesty."

He made a face. "Who needs that?"

"Oh, I don't know. Maybe you do, pretty."


5)"And you're safer out here with me. I can't watch you come that close to dying again" Through the Ever Night

I could write out Roar's quotes all day, but I'd just end up copying all the books down. Unfortunately, all you guys are a few small snippets of him, but if you read the books you'll love him like I do. You guys can check out my full reviews of all three books of the trilogy below:

You guys can also check out my other Book Boyfriend from this trilogy, Perry. What? I can have them both haha. 

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