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Saturday, October 11, 2014

Books VS. Movies: Divergent by Veronica Roth

It seems like nowadays that all of our favorite books are being turned into movies. This meme is about the failures and winners of the silver screen in comparison to their books.

What I liked about the book:

I thought that the entire world that Roth had built was very interesting. I liked a lot of the characters and obviously, I was a big supporter of Fourtris. You guys can check out my full review of the book here. It's much more accurate about my feelings about the book since I wrote the review for it right after reading it.

What I didn't like about the book:

I thought that the beginning was really long and boring, I understood that it was necessary with all of the explanations about the world but it was just so difficult to push my way through it. When I finally did, there was a huge payoff but still. 

Where the movie failed: 

The first time I saw this movie in theaters, I couldn't help but cringe when Theo and Shailene were together. First off, he looks like his actual age and she looks like she's a teenager. So that made it a little uncomfortable for me to watch. Second, I didn't feel the passion and chemistry that I felt when reading the book. Even though they didn't get off to a great start in their relationship, you could feel the attraction between the two. I think in the movie it came off forced. 

The movie left out great dialogue, a lot of that is to do with the fact that Uriah wasn't in this movie. Which is really upsetting and I don't like that they're going to introduce him in the second movie. It seems too late for me, but we'll see. Also, they left out cutesy moments in the dialogue between Tris and Four, like when he asks her if she's asking him to undress. How can you mess that up?

I don't like how they left out a lot of the info about Tris's mom, she was a badass character and they should have used that more. Hell, when Tris goes off to Dauntless instead of looking proud of her daughter, she was crying. Maybe it's a small detail but it irked me. 

I own the DVD and there is some great moments that they have in the deleted scenes that should have been in the movie, including when Edward gets stabbed while sleeping. It was a great scene, filmed really well, they should have kept it. 

What I liked about the movie:

Despite my complaints, I think that it was a pretty good adaptation. I understood that they couldn't include everything from the books. I was generally happy with all of the acting, I thought Shailene's acting during the death of Tris's mother was amazing. I actually really liked the change at the end of the movie between Tris and Jeanine. It was more badass and I think that it fit the book perfectly. In a way, I wish the book wrote it just like that. 

I definitely recommend those who may have cringed like I did during the Fourtris moments, to watch the movie again. It's easier the second time and I found that in general I was able to over look the changes and get more into it the second time around. 

All in all I can't complain about the movie. I think it was pretty good and I'm excited for the next one. 

What did you guys think? 

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