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Monday, October 20, 2014

Moronic Monday: Colin Novak from Christina Lauren's Sublime (some spoilers)

Mondays, the worst day of the week. Despite the fact that it's the start of your school/work week, there is always something extra that just pushes it to the next level. That someone that just permanently keeps Monday at the top of most dreaded days of the week. That's what this meme is about. The one character that drives you mad with their stupidity. Their idiocy is the type that you can spot their impending train wreck from miles away, the type that makes you want to slam their heads into a desk repeatedly. Moronic Mondays are not for your lovable idiots, no, it's for the ones that you think they deserve every bad thing they get it.

From the beginning of the book, it's clear that Colin is into doing stupid and dangerous things. He likes BMX which as a lot of people know is dangerous in the first place, but he always likes putting extra danger in already dangerous sport. The audience is told that he has broken many bones by doing stupid stunts that he was sure could kill him, but he does them anyway.

This is next part is what makes me go really nuts; Colin is surrounded by people who love him. Guardians who love him and friends, a pretty good life. All of this he literally throws away because he wants to have sex with his ghost girlfriend. Maybe others will say it was love, but to me it was just fascination and sex. So for me ruining all of his loved ones lives forever by killing himself to be with this "lover" is disturbing and completely idiotic. 

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