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Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Nightbird by Alice Hoffman ARC Review (spoiler alert)

3/5 Stars
Details of the book:
ebook, 208 pages (according to Goodreads)
Published by Wendy Lamb Books, 
an imprint of Random House Children's
Publication Date: March 10, 2015

Thank you Netgalley and Wendy Lamb Books for my ebook copy of this book.

Synopsis: Twig lives in Sidwell, where people whisper that fairy tales are real. After all, her town is rumored to hide a monster. And two hundred years ago, a witch placed a curse on Twig’s family that was meant to last forever. But this summer, everything will change when the red moon rises. It’s time to break the spell. 

A cute and magical story that lovers of Anne of the Green Gables will enjoy. Although I said that this is a magical story, there isn't a lot of physical magic. The magic is more of a feeling. I had two major problems with this book. One being the very foundation of the plot. The main problem in the story is that Twig's family has to keep her brother hidden from the world because of his curse as well as keep to themselves. It seems to me that all of the characters in the book are very loving and understanding and it seems like Twig's family actions didn't were an overreaction. The ending itself seems to affirm this as well. My second problem is that there is very little dialogue in the book. The reader is mostly told everything you need to know about the other characters, the relationships, and the actions. I liked it but I think it's not for my age group. I would have probably really loved in this book if I read it in elementary school.


1) I really liked the plot. Although it wasn't unique it was interesting and caught my attention right away.

2) The writing style was simple and flowed well.

3) I really got into Twig. I felt that her and I could be friends. My favorite thing about Twig is how much she cared for those around her. She saw the good in everyone and just focused on that.

4) This book gives you such a warm and happy feeling. It felt like I was back in the 90s. I think this book belongs in line with Matilda and The Little Princess. 


1) I found it to be very predictable. I pretty much knew the who's and what's of the plot figured out early on.

2) I don't like the business with Twig's father. I don't know how it makes sense for Twig's mother to take her children away and to leave her husband because she doesn't think he should be dragged into the mess of their son having wings. What bothers me more was that Twig's father was able to be convinced to keep away from his family. If he is the loving father he comes off to be in the entire story, this just doesn't make sense to me. It's just forced drama in my opinion.

3) There was not nearly enough dialogue. Most of the book is written in prose. Meaning that most of the book was all tell and very little show.

4) When I finished the book the first thought in my head was, "Well, that was easy." It seems as if the magical elements are resolved so simply. Twig has never been trained as witch but suddenly she knows how to come up with her own spells. She is just able to fix the main problem in the plot and everyone gets exactly what they want too easily.

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