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Monday, March 30, 2015

Book Boyfriends: Black Knife (The Orphan Queen by Jodi Meadows)

So I've seen this meme floating around many book blogs, but initially I got the idea from Reading Lark and they got this meme from The Unread Reader. I've enjoyed the meme so much that I will also be joining in on the fun but now on Mondays. Welcome to Book Boyfriends everyone!


  • Tall
  • Lean
  • Muscular
  • Dark curly hair
  • Dark eyes

Reason why he's my book boyfriend:
Who doesn't love a vigilante? A good guy with a dark side? But not the type of dark side that makes you wonder if he's planning to annihilate everyone and everything around you (calm down Loki fans haha). I'll tell you who loves that. Me. That's who. He's mysterious, has a strong moral code, strong, what's not to like?

Actor to be my Book Boyfriend
Someone please tell me that I'm not the only one who pictured this when reading about Black Knife:

In all seriousness though, I pictured him more like Richard Madden.

Quotes about and from Black Knife:

1) "It's probably the first honest work you've ever done."

"It's not completely honest. Where do you think I go this sword?"

"Will." He dropped back his head in exasperation, and a tiny sliver of his throat peeked between his shirt collar and mask. "Well, you'd better come back alive, and in your right mind, because when you do, I'll be waiting for you."

I lifted an eyebrow. "To arrest me?"

"No. To--" He hesitated. As soft as a breath, he closed his hand over my arm. "To welcome you home."

2) "You're hurt?"

I shook my head. "Not my blood."

"Thank saints." He bumped my arm with his and jerked his chin toward the wraith beast. "Remember the giant cat?"

"With horror." But I knew what he was going to suggest. "This one has no neck."

"Not long ago you claimed you knew which end of your sword to stick where."

Ugh. Using my own words against me wasn't fair. "Taking me out to robberies, bar fights, and wraith houses isn't enough for you anymore? I thought we were happy."

"Only the best for you, my lady."

3) His shoulder against mine was a faint, barely there warmth, I didn't move away. "Why are you here?" I asked. 

"I like sitting in trees." There was tension in his voice, and weariness.

"Admit it." I leaned away from him, keeping my tone hard as our eyes locked. "You're following me."

He laughed and ducked his face. "Very well. I'm following you."


"You keep getting away from me. That never happens."

"I don't think you're even trying to catch me anymore."

His chuckle came again, warm and muffled, but real enough that something inside me melted. "I'm still trying," he said. 

If you guys haven't checked out The Orphan Queen yet you should, you can see my review of it here

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