Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Book Bucket List: Persuasion by Jane Austen

There are books in your life that you come across and you know you have to read them. They can be old, they can be new but before your time runs out you have to find time to read them. Welcome to my Book Bucket List everyone!

Synopsis: Set in Somersetshire and Bath, the novel revolves around the lives and love affair of Sir Walter Elliot, his daughters Elizabeth, Anne, and Mary, and various in-laws, friends, suitors, and other characters, In Anne Elliot, the author created perhaps her sweetest, most appealing heroine.

At the center of the novel is Anne's thwarted romance with Captain Frederick Wentworth, a navy man Anne met and fell in love with when she was 19. At the time, Wentworth was deemed an unsuitable match and Anne was forced to break off the relationship. Eight years later, however, they meet again. By this time Captain Wentworth has made his fortune in the navy and is an attractive "catch." However, Anne is now uncertain about his feelings for her. But after various twists and turns of fortune, the novel ends on a happy note.

I'm ashamed to say that the only book I've read of Jane Austen's is Pride and Prejudice (one of my favorite books). Basically, all of Austen's work is on my bucket list but this is the one that has been recommended to me fairly recently. This source has declared that this is better than Pride and Prejudice although I'm not sure if I can believe it but I'll have to read it to find out. 


  1. Persuasion is my favorite Jane Austen, I hope you like it!

    If I may add a secondary suggestion, if you can get your hands on the bicentennial edition of Sense and Sensibility illustrated by Niroot Puttapipat do so! His illustrations with their gentle wash of colors are a wonderful accompaniment. (Sorry, illustration geek. He's also done illustrations for fairytales and a limited edition of the Rubaiyat that I'd love to get my claws on. https://himmapaan.wordpress.com/ )

    1. I'm sure I will!

      Thanks for the suggestion. I love illustrations and I'm always open to suggestions when it comes to editions. I need the help! Since there are so many of them out there it's good to narrow it down. Thank you!

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