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Monday, May 4, 2015

Book Boyfriend: James (Burn Out trilogy by Kristi Helvig)

So I've seen this meme floating around many book blogs, but initially I got the idea from Reading Lark and they got this meme from The Unread Reader. I've enjoyed the meme so much that I will also be joining in on the fun but now on Mondays. Welcome to Book Boyfriends everyone!

  • Sandy Blonde Hair
  • Scruffy
  • Hazel Eyes
  • Muscular (he's a soldier *drools*)
Why He's My Book Boyfriend:
Well, as I've already mentioned in my reviews, James' is smokin' hot. More than that though he's tough, sarcastic, gentle, and loving. As soon as I read about him I knew I'd fall hard for his character. 

Actor to be my James:
I have to say that I do not envy casting directors for movies. It took me forever to find someone with roughly the right look, who can act, without re-using an actor I've mentioned in a previous Book Boyfriends posts. I have finally settled on Chris Pine. 

Quotes from and about James:

1) "Oh, I shot all right. The ground, the rocks near you, but not you. I'm a pretty good shot. I knew the others weren't aiming to kill anyway, so I figured I didn't need to help."

Arrogant much? "So you're saying if you had tried to shoot me, you could have."

He replied with a shrug. Infuriating, yes. but if what James was saying was true, he'd never tried to hurt me. Yeah, but he let other people try to hurt you. 

His eyes gleamed as he studied me. "Of course, if Markus had said what a pain in the ass you could be, I might've aimed differently."

2) "The green flecks in his eyes seemed to shift, merging with the brown and then changing again. His eyes were almost as impressive as his abs. "

3) James took his fingers and gently pressed on my rib cage. “Does that hurt?” he asked.

“No.” My eyes focused on the wall in front of me. I was not going to look at him.

“Not even a little?”

Did I detect a note of urgency in his voice? I forced myself to look at him, and his eyes seared into mine. I didn’t know what he wanted me to say. The crackle of his com device reminded me we weren’t really alone. I tried to focus on his voice.

“Um, maybe a little right there,” I said.

He moved closer to me, until our faces were inches apart. Still staring at me, he moved his hand down lower over my ribs. Electric tingles shot through me as he ran his hand back up my rib cage and traced the highest rib from the outside toward my sternum. His touch was soft but sure. His eyes were what got me. They looked vulnerable, like they did when we were in the weapons room. If this was all an act, he deserved a prize, because I was beginning to buy it.

Our lips were so close that I felt his breath in my mouth as his fingers continued to caress my body. My body shuddered under his hand.

“How ’bout here? Does it hurt when I touch here?” he asked in a professional tone, but both his hands slid down toward my hips and his lips almost touched mine. I was no doctor but this was definitely not part of any medical exam I’d ever seen. My legs turned to jelly and I trembled. When I sighed, James raised a finger to his lips. Oh yeah, the com system.

If you guys want to learn more about James you'll just have to check out my reviews of both Burn Out and Strange Skies or better yet just go read these books!


  1. I'm so flattered that James was picked as a book boyfriend! Love Chris Pine so I think you made a fabulous choice there too—thanks so much for reading the BURN OUT series! :)

    1. I'm glad you enjoyed this post. No need to thank me, I'm still fangirling over your books. Obviously haha.

  2. This sounds so good.. I'm totally convinced to read this now @_@

  3. He sounds hot. I'm sold lol.

    1. He's so, so hot. I can't even begin to fully describe just how hot he is.