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Sunday, July 12, 2015

SBPT 2015: Beaute’ De Livres—Beauty of Books

This is a wonderful blogger tour hosted by The Book Bratz! Thank you so much Amber & Jessica for allowing me to participate this year. I've met so many great bloggers because of this. I hope all of you guys enjoying meeting these great bloggers as well!

Hi everyone, I'd like everyone to meet Vivian from Beaute’ De Livres—Beauty of Books!

Vivian is a Book Blogger from Sydney, Australia. Vivian started Beaute' De Livres - Beauty of Books to fuel her book obsession and meeting other people that understand her obsession a very welcomed surprise. With her Kindle in her bag always Vivian will read anything you throw at her. Beaute' De Livres - Beauty of Books is a bag of mixed goodies. Her reviews range from genre to genre (But mainly Romance because she is a MASSIVE sap). Beaute' De Livres - Beauty of Books is like a mixed bag of lollies, there are reviews, giveaways, weekly memes; basically a whole lot of things and thoughts.

You can find & follow Beaute' De Livres - Beauty of Books on Twitter | Facebook | Instagram | Website |

Vivian and I decided to make a post about 10 Annoying Things Non-Readers Say to Bookworms. I have her answers here and you guys can check out mine on her blog on August 16, 2015.

Take it away Viv!

Vivian: So here are 10 things non readers say to me.. I have experienced all of these *hangs head in shame at the ways of the world* I have written what I usually respond with out loud or I'm just thinking it.

1 - Where do you find the time? 

I don't know, how do you find the time to eat? 

2 - Is that your Kindle out again

You are looking on your phone - we are not even talking!!

3 - You want Amazon GC for your birthday *says this with a confused/disgusted look on face*

Did you not just ask me what I want for my birthday

4 - Do you want to go out tonight or just stay home and read a book?

I'll take option B EVERY TIME

5 - Why don't you just wait for the Movie?

Did I ask you why you didn't read the book before you went to see Fault in Our Stars??

6 - I can't believe you are actually crying... its just a book!!!

Just get out of my face

7 - You are re reading that book?

You're re watching that movie?

8 - Can I borrow that book maybe I'll like it?

Let's not lie and pretend you will read this. Get your unappreciative hands off my book

9 - How do you read when you have a kid??

It is quite difficult - he doesn't eat for days *HUGE eye rolls*

10 - You know you're boring right?

really grateful that I do not have to hang out with you any longer.

I hope you all enjoyed getting to know a little bit about Vivian. Next Sunday I'll be hosting Emily from Always Opinionated Girl. Stay tuned =)


  1. All of these made me laugh so hard. I definitely think the same things. Great post this week! :) -Jessica

    1. We're glad that you liked it! I know all of us bookworms have experienced at least some of these.

  2. LOL all of these are great! (and totally accurate)

    1. They really are. I especially connected with the re-reading one and about waiting for the movie. This happens to me a lot.