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Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Hello, Goodbye, and Everything In Between by Jennifer E. Smith ARC Review

5/5 Stars
Details of the Book
paperback ARC, 246 pages
Published by Poppy,
an imprint of Little, Brown and Company
Publication Date: September 1, 2015

Synopsis: One night. A life-changing decision. And a list...

Of course Clare made a list. She creates lists for everything. That's just how she is.

But tonight is Clare and Aidan's last night before college and this list will decide their future, together or apart.

It takes them on a rollercoaster ride through their past - from the first hello in science class to the first conversation at a pizza joint, their first kiss at the beach and their first dance in a darkened gymnasium - all the way up to tonight.

A night of laughs, fresh hurts, last-minute kisses and an inevitable goodbye.

But will it be goodbye forever or goodbye for now?

I don't usually read contemporary romance novels but when I do, I want them to be exactly how Jennifer E. Smith wrote this one. I had a few of her other books on my TBR prior to reading this one, but after reading Hello, Goodbye, and Everything In Between I added ALL of her books to it—this book was that good. The reason I prefer more outlandish genres such as fantasy, sci-fi, or dystopian is because reading is an escape from everyday life drama, but the way Smith writes, I'd be willing to read contemporary more often. Smith knows how to take a simple love story and write it in such a beautiful way that your heart leaps out of your chest and leaves you in tears (in a good way).

Even though this book has all the makings of a typical romantic contemporary that's often made into romcom movies, I didn't find it cliche at all—Clare and Aidan's relationship is just so genuine. Their love for one another seems unimaginable in its sweetness but Smith combats that with a bunch of authentic pitfalls. Moreover, Clare and Aidan's problem is something we can all relate to. At one point in our lives we've had to say goodbye to something or someone that was a staple in our lives, and Hello, Goodbye, and Everything In Between captures this spectacularly. While reading, I got waves of nostalgia. This book is more than just a fluffy read, it's dazzling and side-splitting. I highly recommend it for those of you who need a book that brings a smile to your face and warmth to your heart.


1) I love the way Jennifer E. Smith writes—it's so beautiful and sincere. A lot of times I have read contemporary romances and I found the writing to be too whimsical and too fabricated to feel real. Smith's writing isn't anything like that. She can take a simple story about love and make you weep. Move aside Nicholas Sparks—you've got nothing on Jennifer. 

2) Aidan and Clare are adorable. All of their memories and missteps just made me swoon. The best thing about these too is that I felt their struggle—I didn't think it was overdramatic or something that could be solved easily. 

3) I'm really happy with Aidan and Clare's ultimate decision for their relationship. I can't expand on this one because I don't want to spoil this one for you guys. You'll just have to read it =)

4) The ending was great. Though I wanted the book to go on, I was so happy. Once again, I'm afraid I can't really tell you guys too much about it because it'll ruin the entire book for you, but just know that it's really sweet!


1) It was too short—I wanted more. All of my questions were answered and there were no loose ends but I just needed more. 

Favorite Quotes/Moments:

1) Aidan turns to face her, his blue eyes bright. "Let me guess," he says, rubbing his hands together. "First place I spilled something on you."

Clare shakes her head. "Nope."

"First place you saw me trip over my own feet? First time you saw me eat four slices of pizza under ten minutes? First time I did that trick with a straw wrapper?

"First place we talked," she says, stopping him, because she knows this could go on all night. "Not that it was much of a conversation, but it was the first time you spoke actual words to me."

"Oh, yeah," he says. "I remember now. I'm pretty sure I said you were the most beautiful girl I'd ever seen, and then asked you out right there on the spot."

"Close," Clare says with a smile. "You asked me to pass the parmesan."

"Ah," he says. "One of my lesser-used pickup lines."

"Worked on me."


2) Clare felt something hit her lightly between her shoulder blades, and she spun around to find a box of Nerds on the floor at her feet. 

When she looked up again, Aidan was smiling at her from the other side of a display of chips. "You're right," he said, then pointed at the box. "I'll try harder. I promise to be more of a nerd."

Clare glanced at the rack of candy bars closest to her and tossed him a roll of Smarties. "You're already a nerd," she told him. "And you're already smart. You just need to put in the time."

"I know," he admitted. 

She held up a Payday with a grin. "A reward for hitting the books."

He threw a 100 Grand in her direction. "What it's worth to you?"

"Go fish," she said winging a package of a Swedish Fish at him, and by the time the cashier had kicked them both out of the store, they were both laughing so hard they didn't care. 


3) "He puts an arm around her shoulders, and the familiar weight of it seems to anchor her right there on the deck, in the very place where he'd once opened a door for her, and where they'd once played footsie. In the place where he'd tripped her, and sneezed on her, and where she'd watched him throw up. In the place where they'd seen an owl that may or may not have been wearing glasses, and where they'd once spent an entire night getting to know each other." 


  1. oh my god five shiny stars! i'm definitely adding this to my tbr pile after reading your review <333 and i'm a massive fan of fluffy reads and contemporary so this is the book for me. the thing about standalone books though, when it finishes, which is sad if you've become so invested on the book and the characters heh. great review britanny x

    xx, Isha |

    1. This book was amazing, I would definitely recommend it!! I hope that you love it as much as I do.

      This author with one of her author books wrapped up the loose ends with a novella so I'm hoping that she does the same with this book. I've already pleaded with her on Twitter haha

  2. Fantastic review, Brittany!! I absolutely loved it. I am kind of jealous that you got to read it though, let's be real. I absolutely adored Jennifer E. Smith's other books (the ones I read, anyway), and am so so so excited for this one!!

    1. Aw, thank you! *blushes*

      This is my first Jennifer E. Smith book and as you know I adored it! The wait isn't long for this one, you'll be able to read it soon =)